FibriAgri substrates

for sowing seeds

and cultivation of plants

  • from ingredients of natural origin
  • 100% compostable
  • environmentally friendly

Ease of use


  1. Prepare the substrate, seed and dish.
  2. Set the substrate in a dish.
  3. Place the seed in the substrate.
  4. Flood the substrate with water.
  5. It’s ready!

*the product can also be used according to individual preferences and professional techniques.

Product advantages

Light, solid form
optimal physical properties
parameters enabling cultivation
sterility of the material
neutral impact on the environment
pH: 6.5


The substrates are ideal for sowing different types of seeds in different growing systems.

Better cultivation

Seeds in our media germinate better and more uniformly than in other applications.

Young plants are not exposed to soil diseases.

Photos from our testers

See how our testers grow their plants on our substrates.

Why swap alternatives for FibriAgri?

stone woolIt requires specialized disposal because its improper storage is dangerous for the environment and people, and during recycling toxic substances are released.
peatPeat extraction for agriculture and horticulture leads to environmental degradation, extinction of species and enormous emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
coconut fibreCoconut does not grow locally in Europe. It has to be imported from far away, and this leads to direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.


Field cultivation, seedling:

Substrates provide stable biological conditions for plant growth and an optimal water-air ratio. Thanks to the natural ingredients, the substrates can be transplanted into the ground together with the young plant.

Advanced soilless cultivation systems:
hydroponics and vertical farms

The substrates combine the key advantages of peat and stone wool.
Characterized by crush resistance and cleanliness in handling, they are suitable for automated systems.

Individual gardening

Substrates are easy to use and, thanks to their compact structure, do not require a pot. Made mainly of plant fibers and compostable at home, they support the care of the natural environment.

Our solution can be successfully
use in crops such as:

  • vertical farms (vertical agriculture)
  • hydroponics
  • gardening
  • propagation (seeding)
  • field cultivation
  • greenhouses
  • city gardens
  • forest nurseries
  • individual gardening
  • educational gardening

and much more…

The most ecological substrates

FibriAgri substrates are environmentally friendly, both in the production process and in cultivation. Seedlings prepared in these media can be planted directly into the soil. FibriAgri substrates are 100% biodegradable and compostable

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