Fibri Agri

Ecological peat-free substrates
for growing plants.
We do believe the future stays with ecological and peat-free substrates
for growing plants.

What is Fibri Agri ?

FibriTech refashions plant growth with sustainable, peat-free substrates. Made from plant-based cellulose fibers, these innovative substrates create a highly porous matrix, providing space for optimal air and water content. Unlike loose substrates, FibriTech’s solution is consistent and retains shape thus making processing ease and clean.
We source natural ingredients to make our substrates biodegradable. When transplanted, they will biodegrade slowly in soil. Whether used in controlled environments, afer their lifecycle, they can be composted to close the loop for a sustainable future.

Our products






Propagation from cuttings

Propagation from seeds

Young plants

Pots (self-supporting substrates)




Consistent – Maintains its shape unlike loose, floppy, or bristle competitors’ products.

Holes do not crumble.
Use is clean.
Pots can be eliminated.

Clean – Does not contain pathogens or pests.

Ease of use – Integrates seamlessly with current cultivation processes but is even easier.

No heavy lifting required.
Easy planting or transplanting.
Fewer operations, leading to greater efficiency.

Ease of irrigation – Soaks up water very quickly, allowing for faster preparation of the substrate for use.

High water holding capacity – Requires less frequent irrigation and provides a larger water buffer in case of malfunction or anomaly.

Lightweight – Distributed in dry condition, reducing transportation costs.

Peatless – Does not contain peat, aligning with ecological and market trends.

Biodegradable – Worn-out substrates can be composted, transforming them into a sustainable resource instead of waste.

Test results

FibriAgri substrates were tested in various scenarios and by many users. The rooting test, performed at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, assessed the performance of FibriAgri substrates against standard peat-based propagation plugs widely used in commercial cutting production. Rooting was tested for 8 species of plants, including seasonal bedding plants and nursery plants (garden perennials and deciduous shrubs).

The study concluded that:
“FibriAgri™ biodegradable substrate in the form of plugs is suitable for rooting seedlings of the tested plant species and exhibits similar or better parameters compared to standard peat plugs (paper pots) available on the horticultural market”

Evaluation of the suitability of biodegradable horticulture substrates for the propagation of selected ornamental plant species – year 2023;
Study report by PhD Dariusz Sochacki

Our plans

We are constantly working on further development of FibriAgri substrates. We look for inspirations. We look for cooperations allowing us to understand use scenarios and comprehend user needs.

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