Fibri Sorb

Simple & Ecological​
Industrial Oil Spill Cleanup

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What is Fibri Sorb ?

FibriSorb is an innovative oil sorbent made from natural cellulose fibres sourced from renewable forests. Our unique 3D-molded fibre structure provides exceptional absorption capacity and performance, selectively absorbing oils, fuels, and petroleum-based liquids while repelling water.


FibriSorb offers an efficient, eco-conscious solution for managing oil spills and preventing environmental damage.



Key Benefits:

  • Eco-friendly: sustainable, renewable materials
  • Fast-acting and selective absorption
  • No microplastics or pollutants released
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, and multi-purpose


Product Formats for Every Scenario

FibriSorb offers three convenient formats for tackling various oil spill situations:

Pads: Highly absorbent, lightweight, and flexible – perfect for quick response to localised spills in tight or hard-to-reach areas.

Sleeves: Elongated tubes filled with advanced sorbent material, ideal for surrounding and containing larger spills or for preventive protection along potential spill zones.

Cubes: Concentrated absorption solution in a compact form, effective for thicker oil layers or use with containment booms offshore.




Benefits of FibriSorb

Simplified Cleanup

  • Reduces time spent on oil leak cleanup
  • Minimises waste disposal costs
  • Allows oil recovery for reuse as fuel

Versatile Performance

  • Suitable for extended use in leak-prone areas
  • Maintains absorption even if slightly crushed
  • Adapts to uneven surfaces for targeted application

Environmental Responsibility

  • Demonstrates commitment to sustainability
  • Enhances ESG reporting and reputation

Business applications


secondary logistics

ports and terminals

repairing services

oil & gas sector

Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every industry has unique requirements. We offer a range of FibriSorb products, each optimised for specific applications:

  • RS5/150: 5 cm x 150 cm sorbent sleeve for spills in tight spaces and around machinery
  • RS8/150: 8 cm x 150 cm sorbent sleeve for larger spills and containment barriers
  • PS30/55: 30 x 55 x 3 cm sorbent pad for quick response to localised spills on flat surfaces

Partner with FibriTech

As an innovative startup, we are excited to introduce FibriSorb, the flagship product in our growing portfolio of sustainable oil spill solutions. We are actively seeking partnerships with forward-thinking companies who share our vision for a cleaner, safer environment.


Collaborating with us offers the opportunity to:

  • Field-test FibriSorb in real-world applications
  • Refine product performance and usability
  • Shape the future of oil spill response technology

We are committed to adapting FibriSorb to our partners’ unique requirements, from optimising usage methodologies to developing custom packaging solutions, delivering a game-changing product that addresses industry challenges.

Contact us today to explore partnership opportunities and be part of the FibriSorb revolution.

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