We support European and global
efforts on sustainability and environmental care.  

The European Green Deal

Sustainable industry and clean energy transition

FibriTech is responsible for the invention of a new manufacturing process that moves away entirely from fossil fuel-based resources, using an innovative approach and enabling comprehensive fiber parameterization. The process allows production based on renewable energy and minimizes waste.

Modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy

The company’s work in creating a platform for eco-materials technology supports the Green Deal’s goal of fostering innovation in sustainable products and services. This platform can potentially be applied across various markets, promoting the widespread adoption of sustainable practices.

The scalability of the company’s industrial technology indicates its potential to make a significant impact in the bio-material industry. This aligns with the Green Deal’s emphasis on scalable solutions for environmental challenges, showcasing the company’s role in driving a sustainable industrial revolution.

Supporting a circular economy

By focusing on recyclable and biodegradable products, FibriTech aligns with the principles of a circular economy. This economic system aims to eliminate waste and the continual use of resources. Cellulose fibers are a renewable resource, and their use in advanced products supports the Green Deal’s aim of fostering a resource-efficient economy.

Sustainable Development Goals

FibriTech directly influencing on 6 out of 17 Sustainability Development Goals:

By providing sustainable material alternatives, the company aids in creating more resilient and eco-friendly urban environments.
FibriTech’s development of eco-friendly 3D bio-materials contributes to sustainable industrial practices and innovative infrastructure solutions.
By focusing on natural organic fibers and eco-friendly processes, FibriTech plays a role in protecting terrestrial ecosystems and biodiversity.
The company’s sustainable practices contribute to the preservation and responsible use of marine ecosystems and resources.
The innovative production processes and materials support the shift towards more sustainable consumption and production.
Through its commitment to eco-friendly materials, the company actively combats the adverse effects of climate change.

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